CSB Baseball Florida Collegiate Combine


Ages: High School and JC Players

Location: Jackie Robinson Training Complex – Vero Beach, FL

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Starts: 2:00pm / Ends: 7:00pm


Evaluations and Video Footage

Cancellation Protection

College Attending/Invited In

Subject to change based off of college coach’s availability

  • TBD



The recruiting process can be a very confusing time for a high school athlete and their family. Decisions about which showcase/collegiate combines to attend, what recruiting services to use, and how much money to budget for it all can be very frustrating to make.  CSB created the College Scouting Bureau Collegiate Combine Series to make choosing the right college as enjoyable as possible and to offer a player everything they need at one affordable price (only $150). We believe that every player deserves a shot to play at the next level and shouldn’t have to waste money that can go towards that education. We also believe that a player who attends one of our events should understand that our help in their search is not done just because the event is over.


All collegiate combines are open to any Jr. high, high school and junior college aged players (unless noted). The College Scouting Bureau Collegiate Combine Series events are designed to be an experience in themselves. It is our experience that athletes perform at their best when they play at top flight venues. Each event includes individual training by position at the hands of current college coaches. This training shall be the ground work for the evaluation process to see what an athlete comprehends under pressure situations. College coaches will instruct during this time period of the event. These same coaches who will also help create the evaluation on each player.


Players who register for this event will have the option to receive an online bio on the College Scouting Bureau website to help them with the recruiting process.  Players are essentially coming in to work out for every college at every level in the United States. The College Scouting Bureau will take the information on what you did that day and send it out by midnight on the day of the camp to every active college coach at every level in the country. This one day event is equal to over 3000 college tryouts around the country because of the actions of the College Scouting Bureau’s scouts and video technicians who will be in attendance. Do the math on making 10 college visits and you will see your fee that you paid to get into this event saves mom and dad money during the recruiting process because of the exposure you will receive just by attending this one event. The need to travel around the country to find a future place to play has been eliminated.


One thing you should know about this event is that truthfulness is a necessity in the recruiting process. You will be told within 5 business days of the events conclusion how you performed and how the college coaches felt about you as a player. How you use the information you receive will be up to you as a player.





Who should attend a Collegiate Combine?

Incoming Freshman & Sophomores – While college is still a few years away, this is an ideal time to attend a collegiate combine. The NCAA has changed the contact dates so you can now be contacted by schools once you enter high school. You may be the best player on your team, but how do your skills compare to other teams’ best players? Not only will a collegiate combine help get you on the “recruiting radar”, but more importantly, it will let you know what improvements college coaches feel you need to make and give you extra time to develop those skills. Don’t make the mistake in thinking a travel game or a practice for another sport is more important then taking your shot into the recruiting process. If a college coach reaches out to you and ask you to work out an event where he will be in attendance that is the exposure you want.


Incoming Juniors – In the eyes of many, this is your big year! Most upper level collegiate coaches do the majority of their recruiting/scholarship offering following a player’s junior season. They may leave a few spots available for junior college players or unforeseen seniors, but most want to have their rosters set a full year in advance. This offseason could be the most important of all for getting exposure and finding out what fixes you need to make. Definitely do not make the mistake of thinking playing in a travel baseball game is how you are going to eventually get recruited. The process is set up to even if a coach sees you in action at a game his next step would be to get you to a workout where he can have you do the things he needs to see.


Incoming Seniors – Time is running out! Now’s the time to let college coaches see how your game has developed and why you’d be a good fit for their program.The early signing period for baseball is November and if you haven’t had a face to face yet with a college coach yet you are behind the 8-ball.


Junior College Players – Junior College Players are encouraged to attend these events. The college coaches who work these events are all in need of mature players to come in and boost their rosters right away. Most players who play JUCO out of high school do it for the following reasons: They are trying to make a higher level of play. They try to fix the bad grades they had in high school that caused them to play at the JUCO level. They felt they needed to get bigger, stronger, faster before they made the jump to college. Showing up to these events will give them all the answers they need as far as their future in collegiate baseball.

All 2023 Collegiate Combine Series Participants Receive

 A pro-style tryout that is evaluated by current college coaches and our staff.  (Add a Second Position Evaluation for $50.00)
* This will help the player see where their current skill level is, where they need to improve, and assess which college level is recommended they should pursue.


An online profile on College Scouting Bureau website
* Complete Bio w/ player’s athletic and scholastic information
* Video footage of the player at his primary position for $75.00  (Purchase a Second Video Footage for his secondary position Option for $75.00)
* An unbiased written skills evaluation from the event from college coaches
* Ability to add high school and/or travel coach letters of recommendation to your profile


Recruiting Seminar and Ongoing Support
* Each event’s seminar is also open to all parents in attendance
* Question & Answer segment included in seminar session
* All evaluations will be sent Via-email to the players within 5 business days of the conclusion of the event.
* Ongoing email support as needed from CSB

Players will be run through a collegiate combine tryout including the following



Home to 1st

Home to 2nd


25 minute mini-camp by position


Our collegiate combines are all inclusive and provide each player with an individual “Bio” page with video footage ($75 extra) and statistics of their performance on the College Scouting Bureau website (all for $150 or with a video at $75 extra). The collegiate combine schedule is also sent to college coaches throughout the nation, inviting them to attend any of our events. All college coaches in attendance will be allowed to walk around the field and observe and instruct at every event in its entirety.  Each collegiate combine is also a College Scouting Bureau recruiting event. Based on their showcase performance or from scout recommendations, select players will be invited to play for our CSB National Tournament teams and/or attend our Team CSB Winter Camp.


The College Scouting Bureau will be in attendance taking information down on every player. The information and videos collected by them will be placed on each players profile that they will receive for attending this collegiate combine. That basic profile will be placed on the College Scouting Bureau website at: www.collegescoutingbureau.net  at no cost to the player or their family. (contact Jackson at the College Scouting Bureau jhallahan@collegescoutingbureau.net to find out the differences between their profiles on their site)

Please check your email regularly as this is our primary way we communicate. Any additional information that we need to convey as the camp draws closer will be passed on to you via the e-mail address that you supplied when you signed up for camp. Please make it a habit to check your e-mail daily, this will eliminate any confusion and or miscommunication.



Please check-in 45 minutes prior to start time.



Jackie Robinson Training Complex
3901 26th St
Vero Beach, FL 32960



Meals will not be provided for this event.



This is not an “overnight” camp. Players traveling from out of town will be responsible for securing their own accommodations.


Miscellaneous Information

What if I have to cancel a camp?  We do not offer refunds on canceled campers, just a future camp credit if you decide to cancel, but we do have what is called “Cancellation Protection”. We offer basic Cancellation Protection to allow participants some peace of mind in case plans change. This allows us to keep our prices low and provide the best service possible. Due at the time of registration, Cancellation Protection entitles you to a full refund of camp fees should you cancel your registration more than 14 days prior to the start of an overnight camp, and 7 days prior to the start of a day camp. If you cancel within 14 or 7 days of the start of your session, we will give you a camp credit for all money paid. The credit is valid for three years from camp date . Credit with insurance is transferable to family members or friends, and good toward a future camp.


Note: If the event site has to change due to weather or field scheduling cancellations that are out of the hands of College Scouting Bureau that there are NO refunds unless the Cancellation Protection is purchased.


Questions?  Please contact CSB Sports at cmccormick@collegescoutingbureau.net